faithNotes - Getting Started

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faithNotes is designed for taking notes in church. Following intructions help you to get started with the app.

Create your first note

Click on to create a new note, enter details such as title, pastor or location. You can set the date manually, by default it will set the current day.

main screen


If the sermon is part of a series, you can enable the series function and add title and number.


If the series already exist, faithNotes will automatically suggest you a series while typing.

If you have all details set up, you can chose between notes and bible verse. Let's first talk about adding bible vers.

Add bible entry

Click on "Add" to add a new bible entry. You can add bible entries by this methods.

  • search within search bar
  • user segmented control for filtering old and new testament
  • directly use scroll selection

For each bible entry you can choose book and chapter and if necessary enter the vers manually. Use the save button to add the entry.


Once a bible entry is added, you can use the Info-Button to directly open the selected part in YouVersion Bible App.

add notes

You can add notes by using the "notes" option in the detail view of your current note. Notes are divided in following sections.

  • notes & personal thoughts
  • follow ups
  • to bring before god
  • next week practical implementation
  • attachements (drawing)

On each section you can write your notes. You can format the text with "Bold" and "Italy" buttons or even add a bible entry direclty with "Bible Enty"


you can use the drawing section to make a sketch. choose a favorite color or pencil type to start drawing.


Do you have an Apple Pencil ready? Use it in the drawings section to get force-sesitive drawing or handwriting.